About Us

About Us

Zzabbat app. Is a cloud Accounting solution aimed towards assisting small businesses owners and startups run their financial assets and their human resources as well. By tracing the causes of businesses failure, we found that most problems lie in lack of proper allocation of the business financial resources, costs planning and liabilities, as well as poor management of human resources. Hence the need for more flexible solutions to help building well organized startups. Therefore, we have created ZZABBAT application to contain solutions for most problems facing startups and small companies, from its billing process, costs planning and tax obligations, and also linking users to each other within the business team on the same platform to facilitate the leadership of the human resources of businesses without wasting and dispersing them. We have also provided a platform for an in-app consultations, which is the first of its kind in any application of the same type that links users to a group of the best accountants and consultants in the field in Egypt. To complete the missing link for owners of emerging companies for the need of various financial, tax, marketing, accounting and companies’ establishment.

Our Mission

Facilitating the tax process reduces tax evasion and this is what we seek by automating and recording user inputs and accounts. We know that the right decision comes from the correct data and knowledge of the true value of resources and using them in the best way. In nutshell, this is what the app provides to emerging companies by clarifying its financial position, linking the work team and shortening the work department, approvals and amendments between them.

Our Vision

We seek to lead the accounting profession for a new era and to aid the success of many entrepreneurs in various fields, supported by our experience in the field of financial and tax consulting, exceeding 25 years.


Mr. Emad Aref

Co-Founder and (COO) of ZZABBAT

- Executive Partner in COA Group for Financial & Accounting Consultations - Master of Business Administration "MBA" - Certified Public Accountant "CPA" New Hampshire State Board of Accountancy - More than 20 years of experience at the financial field

Dr. Ehab Saleh

Co-Founder and (CEO) of ZZABBAT

- Executive Partner in COA Group for Financial & Accounting Consultations - PHD in Business Administration "DBA" 2017 - More than 25 years of experience at the financial field

Mr. Osama Abu-Elmagd

Co-Founder and (CSO) of ZZABBAT

- Public Accountant - Member in the Egyptian society for accountants & auditors - More than 5 years of experience at the financial field

Our History

ZZABBAT application is a product of the consulting firm COA, and it is the product of a long experience for the company’s partners that exceeds 25 years in the field of financial, tax, accounting and feasibility studies. Through that long experience in the field, the application was developed to help startups and small companies succeed in their various fields and connect decision makers with experts in the fields of taxes and accounts faster and without restrictions to motivate many companies to grow without fear of wasting their resources or their opportunities to grow in an era where quick correct advice represents Password for success.