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a team work system that helps entrepreneurs assign tasks for their team and track work progress on a timely basis “something like closed whatsapp”


To develop an accounting system that simplify data entry and to produce simple professional reports that satisfy tax requirements and reporting on timely basis


direct interaction with clients who need to ask about tax issues “through tickets” giving the user the option to upload documents when needed to study his /her case

Our company
Our company

Our company

Based on our experience that exceeds 20 years as public accountants & auditors we decided to form an LLC to help individual tax payers and Sme’s cope with governmental complete shift to digitalization especially with tax reporting

Formation date :10/2/2020

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APP & WEB Features

User can create or generate an invoice report for product or services of his own organization

User can invite members with specific permissions to his organization through email

User can assign members existing on his organization to perform a definite task

User can create like an expense report for company rent, salaries, advertising...

User can create more than one organization and he can switch between them

User can make transactions through accounts in condition those transactions follow general accounting equation (Assets=liabilities+equity)


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Our experiences are in Accounting, Taxes, Auditing, building related systems and economic feasibility studies

Dr. Ehab Saleh

Dr. Ehab Saleh

“DBA, ESAA” public accountant since 1996

Dr. Ehab Saleh

“DBA, ESAA” public accountant since 1996
Mr. Emad Aref

Mr. Emad Aref

“ESAA, CPA, MBA” public accountant since 2000

Mr. Emad Aref

“ESAA, CPA, MBA” public accountant since 2000

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