The dashboard in your account gives you a quick snapshot of your business' finances so you can see your outstanding invoices, profit, and where your spending is going. The dashboard also allows you to access your Reports so you can take a deeper look at your financial situation.

Customize your invoice

ZZABBAT gives you your own personal identity to your invoices so you can stand out from every body else, by customizing your invoice with your own logo and contact information.You will be able to mail or print your invoices and look always professional.

Track your expenses

ZZABBAT puts you in the commander seat of your own business by giving you charts, time line and curves for your expense information rather than a raw data to empower you to take decisions more wisely and efficiently. And the best thing about it, that its always displayed on your dashboard, So you can get a good idea momently of what going on.

Keep updated

Keep posted and updated to the latest in money and business world. ZZABBAT articles lights your way to the idle path when it comes to taxes, regulations and business management. Customized reports and accounting tools help you make informed decisions about your business.